Ueber.xyz - Free One Page Website

Ueber.xyz is a platform where everyone can create its own one-page website for free with just a few clicks to present himself.

It is similar to about.me but with fewer features and entirely for free.

However, if it has fewer features that already existing platforms, why create my own platform instead of using them? There are two main reasons for this:

The first of these reasons is money. Their platforms cost about 6,5$ - 8$ per month. They offer many features that I don’t need. Most people only want a one-page website with their picture, some info about them and links to other social and web profiles. Why should you pay as much as 78$ - 96$ every year just for this? I mean, for a quarter of this you can have your own hosting or even virtual server with some providers where you can host much more than just a one-page website.

It just does not make sense such a big price. Only 8$ a month may seem not a big deal, but if you are like most of the people nowadays, you have already a lot of other monthly subscriptions (Dropbox, Amazon, Evernote, Email, GSuite, Netflix, and a long etc. )

The second reason is, however, the most important: I feel like coding it. I have been working on a lot of big and complex projects in the last time that I didn’t really like, so now I wanted to work on an easy a small project like this one.

The platform is now only in English. It is a non-profit platform where everything is for free. To register you only need an email, password and a username, nothing else. After registering, you decide which data to show.

It is created using only Node.js. There is Vue.js in some parts of the frontend, but I will be removing it on the future to have only plan JavaScript being used on the frontend.

More info at Ueber.xyz