PWAs are the new apps

It is 2019, and there are still regular websites out there that are not making use of the modern web capabilities, which could transform them into a Progressive Web App.

In case you don’t even know what a PWA is: in a few words, a PWA or Progressive Web App is a web developed in such a way that it can offer certain functions that regular websites can’t. They can be installed on desktop and mobile devices, they can work offline, they load faster, and they can offer certain functions as a regular App would do. Check this link for more information:

For me, it is one of the best things that happened to the web in the last years and will definitely be the future of the internet and maybe of the app development too. There are mainly two advantages that every decision-maker should think of:

  • You can do with PWAs almost any kind of App. Of course, there are still some limitations in functionality and performance, but these problems will always be less and less. For some easy and simple apps, a PWA could completely replace them.
  • The costs of developing a PWA are very low compared to other app development options like Native or Hybrid app development. The costs of transforming an existing web into a PWA are, depending on the technologies used, even lower or almost non-existent.

At Kokoen, we have started switching most of the websites of our clients into PWAs. And that is pretty easy since most of those webs run with WordPress, which can be transformed into a PWA within minutes.

If you need help switching your web or App to a Progressive Web App, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Antonio Sánchez


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Jun 15, 2019